Dr. Jerry Glantz
The Man Who Spoke To God - Cantor Leib Glantz - Cantor, Composer, Researcher, Writer, Educator, Zionist leader.
Sample Audio Tracks
She'ma Yis'ra'el - Hear O Israel!
Te'fi'lat Tal - Prayer for Dew
Kol A'do'nai - The Voice of the Lord
Ein Ke'Er'Ke'cha - There is None Like Thee
Sho'mer Yis'ra'el - Guardian of Israel
Ez'ke'ra E'lo'kim - I Remember, O God!
A'na Be'Cho'ach - Please Lord -- With Power
A'hav'ti - I Love when He Listens to me
Le'chu Ne'ra'ne'na - Let Us Sing to the Lord
Ma'rom - God of the heavens
Mach'ni'sei Ra'cha'mim - Angels of Mercy
Kol Me'ka'desh - Whoever Observes the Sabbath
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In addition to the audio tracks above you can go to the Florida Atlantic University (F.A.U.) Judaica Sound Archives (J.S.A.) in order to hear the full versions of all of Leib Glantz's recordings.
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