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The Man Who Spoke To God - Cantor Leib Glantz - Cantor, Composer, Researcher, Writer, Educator, Zionist leader.
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"The Man Who Spoke To God" (English, publishing January 2008).
"Zeharim - In Memory of Leib Glantz" (Hebrew & Yiddish, 1965).
Leib Glantz's Selected Works
"Rinat Hakodesh Series" (English & Hebrew):

Volume 1:     Nu'sa'chei Te'fi'la (Prayer modes for solo cantor).
Volume 2:     Te'fi'lot Leil Sha'bbat (Friday Evening Service).
  Volume 3:     Te'fi'lot Sha'bbat (Sabbath Morning Service).
Volume 4:     Ha'llel Ve'Sha'losh Re'ga'lim (Hallel and Three Festivals).
Volume 5:     Se'li'chot (Penitential prayers).
  Volume 6:     Ya'mim No'ra'im (High Holidays).       
Volume 7:     Shi'rim (Songs).


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